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Gracie's Night: A Hanukkah Story
There’s lots of love in Gracie’s and Papa’s lives, but not much money. Gracie finds a resourceful way to buy Papa some well-deserved Hanukkah gifts, but an encounter on a bitterly cold night opens her eyes and alters her plans.

When we are brave enough to reach out instead of looking away, each of us can bring someone a miracle.

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Gracie’s Night Activities

Click below to download some fun activities from Gracie’s Night!

Discussion Questions

Download these discussion questions as a printable pdf.

How did Gracie feel as she looked at the mannequins in the store window?

Why was Gracie worried about Papa?

Why is it important that the homeless man not know that Gracie left him the gifts?

What are some ways that you and your family can help others in need?

Why is celebrating Gracie’s Night at Hanukkah something you may want to do?

Why did Gracie look for a job?

What character in this story would say they experienced a miracle?

Why did the lady at The Second Chance shop give Max an orange scarf?

Can you name four items that Gracie bought for papa?

What emotion was Gracie feeling as she stood by the homeless man?

How did Papa feel when he received his picture frame?

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